Creating a utility for progressive tech and data

Data and technology are vital to creating the end goals we all want to achieve. Voter turnout universes. Community demographics. Funding strategies. They rely on high-quality and easy-to-access data.

But building and managing data infrastructure is time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. And most systems aren’t created with nonprofits and progressive groups in mind.

That’s why CTA is here: To make it easier for organizations to use data efficiently and effectively by providing and maintaining data systems that are designed for the specific data needs—and budgets—of progressive organizations.

Founded in 2021 as a nonprofit, our team of progressive technologists and strategists provides data infrastructure building blocks to the progressive ecosystem at low or no cost.

There’s no catch: We’re here to break the cycle of time-intensive patchwork solutions that get rebuilt cycle to cycle. By providing data infrastructure like a public utility, we can help organizations focus their time and resources on using data to make an impact.

Community Tech Alliance

Empowering the progressive community through smart data management.